Best and Safest Heavy Duty Trampoline

          Heavy Duty Trampolines: Stay Safe While Having Fun

As parents, and as an individual it’s important to invest in quality products that don’t waste our hard-earned income. There are a number of buzzwords that float around when we think about quality, such as “durable” and “safe”. But what about Heavy Duty  Trampoline? What does that actually mean when it comes to shopping for a trampoline?

The trampoline is essentially made up of a steel frame (or in some cases heavy duty materials of another variety) and then typically has a strong fabric such as nylon or canvas which has been stretched to a taut surface and is held in place by virtue of steel coiled springs. They are used by bouncing on the fabric which is normally called the bed of the trampoline. The mini trampoline is, as the name implies, much smaller and will be between 5 and 10 or 12 feet wide, while full sized Heavy Duty Trampolines may be much larger.

  Build Quality
You want a stable trampoline that won't tip or move when your child is jumping on it. You also should look for portability and weight limits. Ideally, you want to buy a toddler trampoline with at least 100 pounds as the weight limit, not because your child will eventually reach that weight, but because it shows that it is made to handle heavy usage and that you don't need to worry about looking away for a few minutes and hearing a loud crash from it tipping over.

The weight limit is set for "intended" up-and-down usage, but the handle bar is often used as a prop for little guys who are bouncing and leaning onto it, so you need that extra weight buffer to get that peace of mind that your toddler is safely rooted.

Eventually, you can move your child into a larger-sized trampoline that is netted for small children. These are also rated very safe, when compared to the cheaper adult-sized trampolines.

Heavy Duty Trampoline Mat

Trampoline mat forms the core area of any trampoline. The mat has to be firmly planted and sturdy enough to perform its function. The mats should be time tested and second to none. High quality trampoline pads come in different weights. You will find them in both 20 oz. and 16 oz. weights with the 16 oz. pads being slightly less expensive. Some of the best are made from modern-age polypropylene fabrics that resist both UV rays and straps tearing out of the bottom side of the fabric.

In addition, this jumping mat quality fabric lasts 2 to 3 times longer than other trampoline fabrics. These fabrics are often given a PVC coating to make them even more moisture resistant. There are budget models on the market, but their life expectancy isn't nearly as long as with these heavy duty pads, and it is probably worth the extra bucks now to keep from having to replace the pad again within a couple of years.

l  Heavy-Duty Trampoline Strength

The shape of the mat and frame (round, rectangular, octagon, etc.) has less to do with the strength of a trampoline, as does the materials used to build it. It is the materials and configuration of the frame that gives a trampoline its heavy-duty strength.

Quality materials give consumers the confidence they need to ensure their families are safe using products like trampolines. When manufacturers use cheaper materials (like some of the steel that is available to them), it is not a good value in the end. Steel frames fatigue faster from use, rust outdoors, and break. Weaknesses in the frame can lead to accidents or manufacturers issuing recalls on their inferior products.

There are a number of items you can look for when researching heavy-duty trampolines, particularly regarding the frame:

l  Galvanized steel frame- Galvanized steel is more rust resistant and will have a longer warranty for the frame, due to its durability.

l  Powder coating- Powder coating is a method that prevents corrosion on steel.

If you're going to use your trampoline mainly for exercise, then invest in a good quality rectangular trampoline. Rectangular trampolines for adults tend to be more safer as compared to round ones. If you're going to use the unit mainly for sport or regular training, then you'll save more with a Rectangular Trampoline And Enclosure, as this type of trampoline will retain a more even heavy duty mat and is generally stronger. Frequent use can easily wear off a trampoline, so you might as well get a good quality one in this case.


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